It is not given to a single individual to have all the talents at the same time.



Isolated Talents

Several reality shows have profited from this, the principle is remains true : a lot of people have a talent which – in the best cases – is obvious. For thos who have a hidden talent, it is up to us to reveal it and make the best out of it together. Actually, we have often noticed that something was missing to those whith hidden talents, something more they did not identify. But in the end, what exactly is a talent ? Particulary, a simple idea, a dream, a new technical drawing, or even a new solution. We did not realise how many people or companies hide their talent and do not profit from it.

Detecting Talents

To detect these profiles with talent, we listen to our network, our contacts and take all opportunities during presentations. Some people come directly to our offices to show us their talent and ask us how to turn it into something profitable. It is often those encounters which lead us on the complementary talent hunting path. There is nothing better than joining production capacities, organisation and sales with an existing talent, it does make things very effective.

Working Together

Have people talk to each other, here is one of our skills. To the opposite of the present trend of protectionnism – whether it is logical or not – we insist on having people talk to each other, collaborate and share their talents so that success is at the end of the road. At Infinity we have the organisationnal structure readily available : meeting rooms, accounting, human resources, international sales, multilingual back-office, communication. In conclusion, the only thing left to care about is bring your talent with you and serve customers.