We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Because we feel better behind the camera rather than in front and also because we do not seek publicity, we felt it was the right place to share our commitment to the local community on this page.

The well-being of employees

In our offices in Nancy, employees can freely use resting areas, coffee and tea machines. In the same way they can use our very own private fitness room equipped with semi-pro machines. Everyone can rest or train during breaks, it’s your choice. We even provide towels and launder them in house ! In 2017 we renovated the last floor of our offices where Performance is located and got rid of open space. It was a way to provide some privacy to the employees. Comfort has improved !

Support local artists

Because at Infinity we have loved art as much as we love textile for a very long time, we support local artists on a very regular basis. Support often means buying pieces which always find a place in our premises. The latest acquisition was made in 2018 where we acquired a unique set of 6 drawings and paintings at a charity Auction around Weisbusch (Bibliothèque Stanislas, Nancy)


At Infinity we put emphasis on transmitting the knowledge we have received ourselves at some point or acquired in the course of time, keeping in mind where we started ! To do this, we take part every year to “Les Négociales” international sales contest for business students or we bring our testimony on business startup in student forums.


Training students is also a way for Infinity to support the younger generation. Every year we welcome apprentices, they are the skilled professionnals of tomorrow. We have apprentices in our quality departement as well as in sales and administration. The word seems to have spread around us as we receive more and more spontaneous applications. This is the exact reason why you find a spontaneous application form on this very web site, do not hesitate to use it !