No more sweaters that wear out  !
No more sweaters that wear out  !



Wanted® and Land Of The Bears® sweaters have been created from the Natura® fibre

Already famous in the corporate identity world by several big names of the industry throughout Europe, the Natura® fibre has nothing to prove in terms of resistance, comfort, durability and breathability. Produced only in Europe with no pesticides it conforms to the drastic Ökotex 100 standard, it has been designed to resist anything time will inflict to your garments. Many wanted to copy Natura® in far away places, none of them succeeded bacause only the original fibre provides the authentic and unique characteristics.


You would expect from a garment that it is soft

It is with this assertion in mind that ALTERNATIVE developped its exclusive product. Even though they are not made out of natural fibres, sweaters from ALTERNATIVE will surprise you with their incredible softness. Wearers will certainly tell you that they touch a nice cotton, that these sweaters are so soft to wear on a daily basis, washing cycle after washing cycle. In fact, it’s because we know that you had given up on the idea of having long lasting sweaters that we developped these ranges.


Our sweaters are resistant, but against what ?

When you appreciate a sweater, you wish it would resist time. You might say that promises make happy children but in reality, your sweaters do not age well. Colour fading, shrinkage, pockering, pilling…? Yes, but this is past now !

ALTERNATIVE has ordered complete and quite extreme technical tests in a specialised lab : abrasion, snagging, washing cycles up to 75°C, multiple tumble drying cycles, bleaching at every wash even on black.. and guess waht happened : nothing at all !